The Entire Buzz About Michael Parness

Michael Parness is just another subject associated with a successful trader on the market. Once a high school dropout, Parness is now the hero to traders and investors all over the world. The founder and chief executive officer of, which is a growing online trade-based consulting and advisory services for individual traders, he has years of experience to help each and every novice learn the basic skills of trading. Established in 1999, his firm has more than 75,000 customers today, in 35 countries all over the world.

In order to succeed in life, people often look for business ideas, and such ideas come from great people who have done good business. The story of Parness is no less in any ways. There are so many things that happened to his life, one after the other, that he finally made up his mind and did something big and strong to leave an impression on the minds of thousands of people, who are now his customers.

After losing all hopes in life and failing in business, he learnt that it is time to start something that he is confident about. His immediate choice was the stock market and trading. He decided to start learning about the stock market in details and he gradually succeeded in bringing in more and more wealth. Today, he has written many books on trading, which helps newbies and beginner traders in learning the basics of this business so that they can also do well in their life. People who have read this book have identified with his businesses sense and rationality, which can actually lead to success.

However, success does not come overnight, which is why there are instances of Michael Parness too. But, everything went in vain, as his books and teachings have been phenomenally successful all over the world. Michael Parness is a regular consultant for investment suggestions by some of the major media sources, which includes CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, CNN, FOX News, Business Talk Radio and many more. He conducts many international trading seminars to draw hundreds of attendees worldwide.

He has also been honored at the United Nations for charity work. He has been helping children and helpless mothers with charity. His success curve shows that he has been through ups and downs, and finally attained a position from where there is no looking down.